Mystery £10 eBay PC

I was recently looking around on eBay at random old computer stuff and came across a listing for a “Host/Home Computer £10” – The only information given was that it was a few months old and didn’t turn on – For £10 this seemed worth a shot!  PSU had exploded and motherboard released its magic blue smoke but in the end I was able to salvage:

  • AMD FX 4300 CPU ~£60 new
  • 4gb Kingston RAM ~£15 new
  • 60gb Corsair Force LS SSD ~£30 new
  • 320gb Hitachi CinemaStar ~£15 new (although this part was quite old)
  • ASUS GeForce GT210 1gb ~£21 new

Not a bad result for £10 + £7.50 postage!