New Touchpad with Physical Buttons

Fitting physical TrackPoint buttons to a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s

Like many ThinkPad users, I use the TrackPoint pointing stick almost exclusively.  In November 2013 I purchased a new ThinkPad T440s, this had the new clickpad design where the physical TrackPoint buttons had been replaced with software emulated buttons on the clickpad itself.  Not only is this a total pain to get working in software, it has several serious flaws that make using it a very frustrating experience – Namely the fact that there was no way to tell which button you were pressing leading to frequent mistakes.

When Lenovo announced the new series of ThinkPads (Incuding the T450s) I was extremely happy to see that they had brought the physical buttons back, this however left me with a dialemma – I really wanted the buttons but other than that, there was really no major benefit over my T440s to warrant spending that much money on a replacement machine.

I then went hunting around on eBay and came across this auction – THINKPAD T440P T440S T440 T450S Touchpad Clickpad With Left and Right three keys.  While it is not an official part (or at least as far as I can tell) it seemed worth a go for that price, especially if it would stop me from inevitably spending £1200+ on a T450s!  A week or so after ordering it, it finally arrived and I can happily report that it works!

I’ll now attempt to explain how I set everything up, bear in mind that my attempts to get it working were totally undocumented so I may have forgotten some of the steps that I did.

Hardware Installation

Fitting the touchpad was not that bad but it did require quite a bit of time and patience.  In order to do it you need to remove the base of the laptop, the SSD/HDD, internal battery and then remove all screws from the motherboard, this should let you pivot the board just enough to access a pair of screws holding the touchpad in. You should also remove the keyboard as this has two cables to the motherboard that risk getting damaged when pivoting the board.  Once you have access to the 4 screws holding the touchpad in it’s a simple case of removing them, unplugging the touchpad from the motherboard, transferring the ribbon cable to the new touchpad and then reversing the steps to fit the new touchpad into the system.

Software Setup

On my T440s I run a dual boot between Windows 8 and Arch Linux, both of these needed to be configured to work with the new touchpad.  This is a very rough guide but hopefully will help.


In order to make it work under Windows you first need to remove the original ultranav drivers.  After this you will start using the default Windows drivers in which all buttons work but you cannot use the middle button scrolling.  I was able to rectify this by installing the following drivers from Lenovo: n10gx25w.  This then gives the option for middle button scrolling in control panel.   Of course newer/older versions of the driver may work, I’ve just not tested them.


This is based on Arch Linux, other distros may vary.  Linux support was not nearly as bad as I was expecting.  At first when I booted I was worried; the left button would scroll up and the right button would scroll down, this is of course not what is meant to happen.  I was able to solve this by creating a file at /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf containing the single line:

options psmouse proto=imps

After rebooting the buttons would now work as expected, I then needed to set up middle button scrolling.  To do this I created a file at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-evdev.conf with the contents:

Section "InputClass"
 Identifier "Touchpad/TrackPoint"
 MatchProduct "PS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"
 MatchDriver "evdev"
 Option "EmulateWheel" "1"
 Option "EmulateWheelButton" "2"
 Option "Emulate3Buttons" "0"
 Option "XAxisMapping" "6 7"
 Option "YAxisMapping" "4 5"

This file is also where you can set up additional options for how the touchpad/trackpoint performs.

Although it didn’t seem to make much difference, I also installed xf86-input-evdev-trackpoint from the AUR.  This didn’t appear to make much difference but is worth trying if you have issues.

How does it feel?

In one word, fantastic!  The new part feels very good quality, the buttons are nice and tactile without being too loud and are shaped perfectly to avoid accidentally pressing the wrong ones.  The touchpad is hinged at the top and clicks at the bottom like a MacBook and unlike the old one that could be clicked anywhere.  This makes the touchpad a lot quieter to us and it has much less travel distance.

Getting more help

Because this is brand new hardware, there is very little information online about how to make it work, I found out that a lot of people are discussing the touchpad on the 3rd generation X1 carbon, especially with respect to making it work under Linux, therefore if you have issues, it’s worth seeing if someone with the 3rd gen X1 carbon has solved it.

And finally, a video of it working

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  1. Wow, that is awesome! Thanks so much for the guide! What a cool piece of gear and a huge upgrade for the machine. I can’t believe they shipped with this mouse. I’m particularly excited about the quieter and better action of the clickpad, since I don’t use the trackpoint much at all. So it hinges from the top? Interesting… So it can’t be clicked near the top. How about in the middle? I kind of wish there was a third party mouse with buttons on the bottom instead.

  2. What Windows do you have? Can you can TouchPad config utility to show up? I have Windows 7, installed drivers you suggested. No middle button scroll, no 2 fingers scroll, no adjustments of mouse pointer speed, nothing! Can’t load Lenovo mouse config utility, just the build in Windows mouse settings, which are totally useless and does not allow any customization. Very disappointed. Any advise?

    • Strange, what options come up when you go to the TrackPoint settings in the mouse Control Panel? I tested mine under Windows 8.1 but I run Linux on the machine as its primary OS so I’m not overly familiar with setting the touchpad up under Windows.

    • Hello all.

      Just did this little operation on my T440s – couple of issues. Switching things was pretty straightforward. Just can’t get the drivers to work – tried T403s, T440s, T450s, the Alps and the one that’s mentioned above. Maybe it’s because It’s a windows 8 machine and everyone else, where the drivers are working seem to be windows 8.1 or linux.

      The second things was, after everything got put back together, the laptop worked for about 30 minutes, put it to sleep and then couldn’t wake it up again. Only three little flashes on the power button when plugged in – but seemed completely dead otherwise. Had to use the trick of taking out both batteries, pressing the power button 10 times (once a second) and then holding it for 35 seconds. Put both batteries back, closed the chassis and then booted it up – seems ok now – must have picked up some static charge.

      Still can’t get the driver to show ‘thinkpad’ properties in the control panel even though device manager shows the synaptics driver installed. At least the buttons work and middle button scrolling works in firefox. Maybe once I upgrade to windows 8.1 things might work.

      Thanks for the help with this project.

      • Same issue here! I just cannot get the drivers to work in WIN 7. Have you tried to install WIN 8.1 yet? If so, does this work for you?

  3. Hey there Cameron. I was also able to install the new clickpad into my T440s with success. It works flawlessly with Windows 8.1.

    One thing I have to mention: There are two different clickpads with different FRUs from two different manufacturers. One of them uses Synaptics touchpad, while the other uses Alps touchpad. So you have to install approprite driver package.

    • Hi siya-u. Thanks for this information. Do you know how to tell whether it’s the Synaptics or Alps touchpad? Do you know which one the eBay seller cicichen594 is selling? Lastly, which one is better, Synaptics or Alps?

      I’ve been reading/following various threads on Lenovo and NotebookReview to learn all the steps I need to do. Also, the videos and instructions on look like they’ll be really helpful when I finally attempt to do the hardware change.

      Thanks in advance.

      • Synaptics is much better. ALPS lacks a lot of options and has choppy 2 finger scrolling. Unfortunately, I got an ALPS version from an ebay seller. I finally made it work on Windows 8.1 with the yoga 15 driver.

        • Hi, so is there any news on how to get your hands on a Synaptics Touchpad as a replacement? Unfortunately I could not find any particular FRU referencing either touchpad.

          Thanks for your replies in advance.

  4. Hi,

    I’m trying to replace mine as current one stopped working completely. Do you have any pictures to show disassemble of t440s? Is that easy ?.
    What tools are required. Thanks in advance for your response.


    • Disassembly isn’t too bad but you just need to take your time. You will need a set of screwdrivers and a plastic spudger to release the plastic clips around the base. Lenovo’s hardware maintenance manual should show the procedure.

  5. Just installed the touchpad and the driver on a T440S with Windows 8.1. The seller (cicichen594) seems to be selling small batches of touchpads in one auction, and then starting a new one. According to him, it has something to do with ebay policy. Communication was excellent and shipping to the UK took 10 days.

    I encountered some issues with the driver though.
    First, I uninstalled Synaptics driver and restarted. Then I tried installing the recommended driver (n10gx25w), and restarted. The system recognized the device as “ThinkPad UltraNav Pointing Device”, but the cursor froze and would not respond to either touchpad or trackpoint input or clicks. I asked the seller, and he recommended trying jfgh09ww, which seems to be the driver for Alps touchpad mentioned above. It did not work.
    I cleaned the system/registry with ccleaner, reinstalled the n10gx25w driver, and it works flawlessly, complete with the scrolling, gestures, and regular UltraNav options.

    My g-d, these buttons are soft and silent, yet firm and responsive!

    • Let me ask you, is the touchpad glass or plastic? Mine is plastic and the only way it worked was with the ALPS driver. I didn’t try ccleaner. I did try removing everything and installing n10gx25w but it wouldn’t give me the UltraNav mouse options tab.

      • As far as I can tell mine is plastic too but it’s Synaptics – I only use mine under Linux though so I’m not familiar with the Windows driver setup.

  6. I’ve just done this too and I’m so happy with the result! I had a few problems with drivers at first but the one you linked to above finally get everything working for me. It seems my fingers are still quite used to reaching for the hardware buttons and I’ve only tried to click the trackpad itself a couple of times so far! Great to have the scrolling button back and even better to have a reliable right-click. Next challenge is to try the same on my wife’s Thinkpad Yoga, although the part for that looks a bit more expensive…

  7. I’d also recommend removing the keyboard as this has two cables to the motherboard that risk getting damaged when pivoting the board.

    Please, highlight this in bold, bright red color and make it blinking.
    I read this post before installing the touchpad, but ignored your advice. As a result, I managed to rip off the Trackpoint cable from its connector (I was very lucky nothing suffered permanent damage, and I was able to reattach it without problems).
    Not just that, I didn’t even notice it, and for some reason the new touchpad glitches horribly if the Trackpoint is not connected (the old touchpad doesn’t care). It caused me a lot of confusion, I thought that the new touchpad is broken.
    Well, at least I can now disassemble my laptop in a minute 🙂

  8. Cameron, thank you a lot for this post. I’ve just replaced clickpad with this touchpad with hardware buttons. It works great, except one minor thing – usually I’m using TrackPoint only and keep touchpad disabled. So if someone knows how to disable touchpad functionality in Ubuntu please let me know. Thanks.

    • On my machine I found that disabling the touchpad in the BIOS worked fine while keeping the trackpoint buttons alive (something that didn’t actually work with the old touchpad!).

      Of course this is slightly inconvenient if you want to quickly enable the touchpad (for example if someone else wants to use the machine and can’t use the TrackPoint) but it saves a lot of hassle playing with config files.

  9. Cameron, thanks for this.

    Does anyone know whether Lenovo can tell whether we did this replacement or not, even if we reinstall the clunkpad back before sending the machine to service?

    I’m asking because my T440s had its screen, camera, power adapter, keyboard and motherboard replaced under warranty within the first year if use. With two more years on the warranty left, I fear voiding it.

    On another note, has anyone picked up on two interesting developments?
    1. Lenovo has effectively driven us Thinkpad users underground to sort its mess ourselves with zero support from the company. Accountability goes a long way.
    2. This smells like two related schticks from the past. The Coca Cola recipe change in the 80s to a more Pepsi-like taste, and every other Microsoft Windows edition. In all instances, the companies made drastic changes to a perfectly fine aspect of their products, only to be met with customer hatred that was later converted into higher sales rates when the “old” features were brought back. Usually, accompanied by accolades to the company for “being so attentive to its customers”.

    With Apple aiming towards the corporate market, Lenovo has to start upping its game.

  10. Hi,

    Great to see this transformation. I am planning to do same (i.e., replacing trackpad with 3 click button). I’ve some queries.

    1. did you buy entire bezel or just trackpad ?
    2. What happens if i try to update bios with new trackpad ? (any idea)
    3. did you face any problems hardware incompatibility ?


    • To answer your questions:

      1. I just bought the trackpad itself, if you want to buy it directly through IBM you need to buy the whole bezel assembly but the pad itself can be found individually on eBay and other sites.
      2. I’ve never tried it so can’t really say
      3. I never found any issues, once I got the initial software configuration sorted out, everything worked as expected
      • I am seriously surprised by the stupidity (i am sorry for the strong word but there is nothing milder i can use) of the engineers of lenovo trying to innovate but in reality simply destroying a very important tradition which has a serious effect on productivity and feeling for so many professional users. However, now, even after the correction and them bringing back the physical buttons i cannot believe the incredible lack of understanding about ergonomics. I am sure people sooner or later will have problems using these physical buttons after so many hours and i am surprised no one has made yet the following point: the left and right click buttons should click on their lower part – this should be the moving side of the buttons – and the middle button should click on its upper part. Such a simple thing needs 3 years of destroyed Thinkpads to be understood. Seriously??? That simple ergonomics make the set up actually useful and facilitates work instead of causing joint injuries and chronic pains. The current set up enforces an unnatural movement of the whole wrist instead of just the thumb.

  11. Does anyone have the partnumber for this?
    I tried looking it up through IBM but couldn’t come across it – possibly because it doens’t have an FRN

    • I don’t have a part number but you can’t get the touchpad on its own from IBM. You need to purchase the whole top case/palmrest assembly which includes the touchpad. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a part number for this.

  12. If anybody has problems with the n10gx25w driver not adding the additional configuration tab in mouse settings, they should try the j5gh07ww driver. I have LEN0036 version of the touchpad (which is the ALPS model) and I had to install that driver instead.
    It refuses to find the touchpad and install it, but it’s possible to force Windows to use that driver (through Device Manager, Update Driver and manual selection). After reboot it should work and have that extra configuration tab.

    For Linux, the configuration provided here should be changed to: MatchProduct "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad|AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint TouchPad"

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the ideas. Finally got this thing to work. The driver you mentioned – couldn’t find that one but n19gx10w which is the ALPS Yoga 15 driver and j5gh09ww which is the E450 June 16th Version driver both seem to work well.

      Again, when you try to install them windows can’t find them but, as you said, if you go through device manager – that seems to work.

      Thanks for the help.

  13. Thanks for the guide!

    Just installed mine and can’t seem to get it working in Windows 7. Removed all previous drivers and installed the UltraNav[n10gx25w] one, but can’t move cursor or use buttons. Using the keyboard to navigate, I can see a “ThinkPad” tab on the settings for the mouse from control panel, but tabbing across to it causes a “Windows Shell Common DLL has stopped working” error. Any ideas what this might be?

  14. I bought from ebay user cicichen. Finally got middle-mouse scrolling working with the ALPS driver 8.216.1616.118. The download is n19gx10w from Lenovo. However, the setup does not work: You have to rightcklick the device, update driver, manual and select from. Then point to the directory where you extracted the file. Do the same with the SMBus device.

  15. Hi Cameron,

    I was wondering if you are able to use new 3 button trackpad on linux (any distro).

    1. Does left button acts as left click ?
    2. Does right button acts as right click ?
    3. Does middle button acts as scroll or insert ?

    if possible also post config file.
    I am planning to upgrade X240 touchpad to 3 button trackpad.

    Thank You

  16. Hi Cameron,

    I would appreciate if you can check this.
    Can you disable mouse (3 button trackpad) from BIOS/ Linux/ Windows and still use only 3 buttons from trackpad not trackpad.


  17. Houston, we have a problem with Windows 10. I have the Alps version, running the n19gx15w.exe drivers. Everything is set up perfectly and working fine in Windows 10 (UltraNav menu, all of it).

    Well, Windows Update FORCES the Synaptics driver (wrong one) with Windows Updates. There appears to be no way to stop it from updating. Of course after installing, the mouse features are gimped (no UltraNav menu).

    You can uninstall it, but it comes back with the next Windows Update. No way to block installation of that specific driver.

    Anyone know of a workaround? It seems Microsoft is trying a bit too hard to play tech nanny here and thinking it knows better than the user. I don’t want the wrong Synaptics driver, Microsoft.

    This is aggravating. I was all happy I got it set up, and now Windows 10 is overriding my work. Grr.

    • I’m experiencing the same issue with Windows 10 and the ALPS version..

      Has anyone found out a way to adjust the sensitivity of the scrolling feature where holding down the middle button. The trackpad/trackpoint work great (except for the additional controls within Windows 10), but notice that it takes some extra pressure when scrolling with the middle button….

    • Right click on the start button in the bottom left corner of the screen and go to “system” and then to “system protection” and then to “hardware” and then to “device installation settings.” Select “No, let me choose what to do” and “never install driver from windows update.” That’ll stop the automatic installation of the synaptics driver.

      • Nice, thanks. I did that and so far so good. It’s funny, on the Windows Feedback app, tons of people are angry about this auto-update for hardware feature and obviously (me included) don’t know how to turn it off. Now I know, so thanks!

        • Well, after this advice here I gave it a shot, turned off the automatic upgrade before upgrading, turned off the automatic update after upgrading – and still after 2 or 3 reboots for some other random updates the touchpad stopped working. Did anyone else also experience this behaviour?

          • Yeah, mine still seems to download the wrong Synaptics driver (without notice, just does it and installs).

            C’mon Microsoft. Seriously with this. Stop babysitting us.

  18. Sadly in windows 10, even though the trackpoint works, scrolling doesn’t in metro interfaces.

    Is it possible to find the device ID that T450s uses, and modify the driver inf files to “trick” the driver into installing the T450s trackpad driver?

  19. Well, I was hopeful the new technical preview would remedy this forced driver install, but it doesn’t. Anyone found a solution? I am tired of uninstalling and re-installing the driver every single day. To the point that I’ve considered just putting the original trackpad back in (really don’t want to do this). Seems requests for Microsoft to allow system level blocking of hardware driver installs (that actually works) is falling on deaf ears.

      • Thanks. I did this a few days back and it works fine. I am on the Insider update schedule and for some reason build 10532 reset the drivers I had previously blocked with the tool. I had to go in and re-block the Synaptics drivers (and re-install the Alps ones) and it has worked fine since.

  20. Perfect!

    Thanks for the heads up and for your report.
    I ordered the new trackpad from a chinese website, got it after ~2 weeks and just replaced it.

    It wasn’t too difficult but I had a bit of trouble connecting the cable back in the trackpad. I also had to disconnect a few cables in the motherboard in order to be able to lift it.

    If you’re reading this and is about to replace yours, don’t forget to disable the internal battery in BIOS, I think I almost screwed up on this. And be very careful managing your motherboard.

    Everything is working great on windows 10. I’ll test it on Arch later but, as you already mentioned, it should work just fine.

    The new trackpad is so much better!


  21. hey, i’ve got an issue with my touchpad now. I have a T440 and i performed the mod sucsessfully w/Win 8.1 Pro .. Everything was working fine until i upgraded (downgraded) to Win 10 Pro. Once this happened I loss my trackpad button functionality. The clickpad works properly, and the two finger scrolling works, but the buttons no longer respond. If i uninstall the driver, the button functionality comes back, however the two finger scrolling is gone, and it’s not responsive/reactive at all. it’s really flaky. Do you have a proper driver for Win 10 which will get the buttons back?

  22. finally, I found the way to use T450 driver to fit my T440P on Win10….

    1. uninstall any Synaptics driver.

    2. download the tool from the following website that can prevent the driver update from windows update.

    3. Download the latest T450 driver from lenovo web site [jbg206ww.exe]

    Setup the latest T450 driver on T440P:

    1. Run jbg206ww.exe and only extract files without installation.
    2. Edit x64/SynPD.inf under the folder to which the driver is extracted.
    3. you will find three line as follows.
    Be aware that “LEN0036” is the T440P Hardware ID.
    please check your hardware ID from device manager in control pannel.
    %SMB.IBMDeviceDesc% = LENOVO_GROUP36_InterTouch_Inst,ACPI\LEN0036

    %SMB.IBMDeviceDesc% = LENOVO_GROUP36_InterTouch_Win8_Inst,ACPI\LEN0036

    %SMB.IBMDeviceDesc% = LENOVO_GROUP36_InterTouch_Win8_Inst,ACPI\LEN0036


    4. delete the three line.

    5. find the three line below.
    %SMB.IBMDeviceDesc% = LENOVO_GROUP41_InterTouch_Inst,ACPI\LEN200E

    %SMB.IBMDeviceDesc% = LENOVO_GROUP41_InterTouch_Win8_Inst,ACPI\LEN200E

    %SMB.IBMDeviceDesc% = LENOVO_GROUP41_InterTouch_Win8_Inst,ACPI\LEN200E

    6. replace “LEN200E” into “LEN0036” for the three line
    LEN200E is T450 hardware ID.

    7. save the change and close the SynPD.inf file

    8.Restart by command in cmd: shutdown /r /o /f /t 0 (other method: Hold shift down and click restart)

    On the boot manu
    Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart

    In restart, select option 7. (you must select 7 to bypass digital signature ,otherwise the driver installation will be failed. )

    9. Go to the folder to which the driver is extracted.

    Run setup.exe normally.
    During the installation, the warming message will pop-up that metioned without digital signature.
    please agree it to complete the installation.

    now the latest T450 driver will be installed ,but the driver did not have digital signature just because SynPD.inf was modified…….who cares….

    • In case anyone has problems with Windows 10 update automatically installing newer signed synaptics drivers over a modded one, you can still mod newer driver versions just fine. However, there is a catch to it when you want to install them. I.e. you need to install an older modded driver first and then install the newest modded version over it.

      Ok, At the time of writing this post (2017-04-23) the newest driver version for the T450 series touchpads is You can download it as “jbg211ww.exe” from Lenovo. I modded the previous driver (, can’t find .exe filename anymore) according to this method (search for a comment by someone called “flyoil”). If you uninstall the newest signed driver and then try to install your newest modded one, it won’t work. Even with advanced start up options. To trick it into installing you have to install a modded version, restart, restart again with no signature check startup settings and then install your modded only then the installation of this version will be able to be completed successfully.

      After restarting normally I checked the list of installed programs in control panel, and curiously enough, there was no entry for the current synaptics driver. All previous versions, even the modded one, showed up there. However, it still shows up in device manager.

      My guess is that Lenovo doesn’t want users with shitty T440 clickpads to mod a decent one into their machines and this is why they are fucking with the drivers. I’m like 99 % sure the only reason for releasing a new driver version was to annoy people with modded drivers to make them buy new laptops.

  23. Hi,

    I copied your solution and indeed the middle button allows scrolling. However, the touchpad ceases to scroll, drag & drop, or select range. Clicks are registered only at the bottom of the touchpad. Is this an intended behavior of your solution, or did I do something wrong?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

  24. I have swapped out the faulty trackpad for the new Synaptics pad. Great instructions. I installed the driver for Win7x64 (n10gx25w) and it seemed to work fine. Then the same problem as the original trackpad appeared……the trackpad goes to sleep and never comes back. Nothing works when is disappears. Trackpoint pails, all buttons fail and the track pad fails. Laptop is still running fine but the navigation is completely gone.

    I will never buy another Thinkpad again and my company has now removed Lenovo from our approved hardware listing yet I am a dog with a bone. I am not willing to allow the Lenovo criminals to leave me with a piece of junk……..coming off soapbox now.

    Any ideas why the 440P navigation goes to sleep would be greatly appreciated.

  25. A belated thanks for the tutorial! I did this about a year ago on my T440P and everything was working great–until an update installed by Windows on 7/1. Interestingly, I had set under “device installation settings” not to install updates. In looking at the driver history, something still managed to get downloaded on 7/1…

    Absolutely nothing worked to get the Thinkpad tab under mouse properties–I had to do a system restore to 7/1 in order to get it back. I ran the tool listed above (and checked device installation settings, still set to “not download). Hopefully this will stay a while!

    I’ve taken for granted just how nice it is to have a functioning Thinkpad….

  26. Dear Cameron and all of you in above comment,

    Thank you very much.

    I got the T440 for three month and always use a USB mouse instead the original clickpad. But the T440 only have two USB port, so it is very very inconvenience especially I need to copy file from one USB to other.

    I spent some time to find out how to replace this clickpad to the three bottom trackpad that I used more then ten years.

    Finally, I found here. And buy a three bottom trackpad from China Taobao, it costed around USD$30. Then I read all your comment and follow the video step by step.

    On the first day install, I made two mistake and finally found the trackpoint and all buttoms have not function. The 1st mistake is, when I push back the flat cable on the new trackpad, I inserted not so deep and the lock have not been locked properly. The 2nd mistake is, when I open the plastic black color lock on the original clickpad, I forced to make it out and cannot put it back. So, I feel upset on that time. Because the new one cannot worked and the original have been broken by myself. Well, I leave all the things onto my table and go to bed.

    Today, after my work and back to home, I try to dismantle all the things and reinstall the new pad cable. After that, I start my T440 and wait the screen come out. I try to move the red trackpoint, ha ha it can move. Then I try to click the three bottom, and all of them is worked. Wonderful for me.

    Finally, thank you all of you again and again. Now I don’t need to connect the USB mouse again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  27. Hi T440S fans.
    thanks Cameron for your tips ! and all comments for the contributions.
    I followed the article to change the touchpad on my T440S (along with the internal battery, and the keyboard). I am on Windows 10.
    I bought my touchpad on ebay :

    It works ok. I am just missing one thing : multiple finger gestures (mainly scroll with 2 fingers). Do you have any idea on how to solve it ?

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